• Bottles

    HDPE Plastic Dry Powder and Liquid packing bottles available from 10ml to 300ml in ROPP Neck And Screw Neck with Induction Sealing wads.

    • Material: Polyethylene,Propylene.
    • Temper Evidency: Induction Screw Cap
    • Application: Dry & Liquid Syrup,Tablet & Capsule Packing.
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  • Containers

    Plastic Containers for Tablets & Capsules or Powders available in various sizes from 20 cc To 350 CC.

    • Material: HDPE
    • Application: Dry Powder, Tablet Packing.
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  • Jars

    Plastic Bulk packing Jars for Tablets, Capsules and Powders available in various sizes from 500ml to 2000ml.

    • Material: HDPE.
    • Temper Evidency: Induction Sealing Cap & Screw Cap
    • Application: Tablet/ Powder/ Ointment / Granuale
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  • Measuring Cups & Inhaler Containers

    Plastic Dosage Measuring Cups of Various Sizes Upto 125 ML graduation.

    • Material: Polypropylene.
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  • ​Vaginal Applicators & Droppers

    ​Plastic Vaginal Applicators for Tablet Application & Dropper With Various Neck Size.

    • Material: Polyethylene,Polypropylene Hips,Styrene.
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